About the Generosity Kit

Do you ever wonder how you can be more generous with your time, money, and resources? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed about where to even begin. You may be thinking, “how can I give to others and still have enough to get by on my own?” The Generosity Kit was created to answer these questions and guide you on a step by step journey to a more generous life. Whether you’ve got ten dollars or ten million, generosity starts with a heart for giving and just one single step in the right direction.

What it includes:

  • An interactive Journey of Generosity map
  • A generosity guidebook
  • Family activities to make giving fun
  • A poster to track your generosity goals
  • 16 colorful scripture cards
  • An envelope system starter kit
  • A suggested reading list for kids and adults
  • Budget and expense tracking worksheets

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who wants to grow in generosity
  • Stewardship Pastors
  • Lead Pastors
  • Executive Pastors
  • Church Finance Directors

5 Ways to Distribute a Kit at Your Church:

  • Have available during a new believers or discipleship class
  • Include in your biblical financial class
  • Provide as a next step in a stewardship/giving sermon
  • Offer at your info desk or bookstore
  • Provide to families in kids ministry

Meet Danny Stokes, Creator of The Generosity Kit

My name is Danny, and I’ve been a pastor in the local church for over twenty-five years. I’ve started student ministry from scratch, launched multi-site church campuses and currently serve on the Directional Leadership Team at Cross Timbers Church.  In addition, I’ve used what I’ve learned in Stewardship and Generosity Ministry to consult with other churches and facilitate round table discussions among like minded pastors. Everything in the Generosity Kit has been tested and comes from my years of trial and error and learning what works in the local church. My vision is to ignite a culture of generosity in order to fund God’s projects in churches, missions, as well as local and global ministry organizations.